It's been a while. Like an old friend coming back after a few months travelling or just simply living his life somewhere else. He is not calling to say that he will be here next week, or next month, he just gives you signs to wonder...

Birds flying in the right direction, northwards as you are scanning the horizon for a potential new summer bank. Sand is still drifting quick with the last strong 'tempĂȘtes', contests tents popping up on week ends, groms Search, VQS, Crevettes Tour, Senior exhibition, Women elite and soon enough 6 stars and Dream Tour. It is all happening again.

It is also about silhouettes, women are back in numbers in the water, making for a smilier line up and sometimes a pleasant paddle back out in their wake. Does such a thing as hydrodynamic aspiration work when you paddle?

And last but not least, the wooden  boardwalks are set up courtesy of the town. Offering an easier access to the beach across the dunes to the surfers and tourists alike. It is not exactly ideal for your warm up walk to the surf as climbing the dunes always offered a muscular boost. But now, you are able to run straight, from the parking, flying over the laths to the beach, discovering what you are in for quicker. Or you can just walk and enjoy the warmer breeze.

The beaches are showing signs of life, those desert wintery stretches are smiling again, like us. And I nearly forgot to say, as good news never come alone, waves are back also.