Picture 35

Look around you

By Dot Branning (was Cotton)

This evening I finished my cup of tea and looked at the leaves in the bottom, which revealed a rumour or possibly a myth or lie that Dane and Kelly are planning a no show at J-Bay.


It could just be a load of bollocks of course, and I might get sued by Quik, Bong and Brodie 'Wayne' Carr, but word is that Kelly is in Fiji having way too much fun to go SouthAF while Dane is at a cheeseburger picnic in Mexico designing stickman t-shirts and basically just can't be arsed.

There is a new clip on Dane's site called Lost Interest which is pretty watchable.

There is also a new clip on Kelly's blog... no wait just kidding he doesn't believe in it.

Another rumour that Alex Knost is gonna be the wildcard at J-Bay is simply just not true.

Anyway, don't watch that space. If Dane don't show at another 2011 world tour event, well then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Picture 33

Jay Botswana, big time SE.com fan, fs Wurzel in Dane's Lost Interest clip.