After the Chili event in Arica, World Tour surfers praised the organisation, the location, the people and the local cuisine & candies BUT asked the Search organisers, please: "NO MORE COLD WATER' or at least not that cold. They have been heard for a few years, bathing themselves in Bali, Portugal and Puerto Rico...but now it is back for a reality check: booties, thick wetties, sharks, upwelling, fog and powerful north pacific swells. They will be calling home Ocean Beach, San Francisco for a couple of weeks, making the US leg the most important one this season with no less than 4 events in Uncle Sam's country (Trestles, NY, Pipe and SF).

Can't wait to see them freezing their balls from the 1st until the 11th of November, now let's all sing:

If you're going to San Francisco  Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair  If you're going to San Francisco  You're gonna meet some gentle people there