'You've incited people to steal from my store' he said.

We ran an article in SE52 called "in the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower" (named after the book by French master Marcel Proust) where Hacky Joel Gray recounted the early 90's summers when he and fellow teen Geordie ne'er-do-wells camped in Hossegor, surfed, looked and naked boobies and nicked stuff from the supermarket to eat. We even ran a pic of someone drinking a Yop from the aisle and then putting the empty back on the shlef. Well guess what? Someone must actually read the waffle we put out each month, coz apparently they've had loads of problems with surfers nicking stuff all of a sudden, including a lot of Yops in particular. Although he was gutted, being a pretty reasonable man he did commend SE on the strength of our readership. He also sells the mag in his supermarket, ironically enough.

I said sorry for naming the particular supermarket in the piece, and promied to apologize in the news section of the next mag.

So please don't steal stuff, really. It's not nice.