Late blog, late heats, muddy roads, slow scottish Internet and earlier drinks.

It was another fairly slow day here on the ONeill Highland Open by Swatch but not short of action when the ocean decided to deliver the goods.

Fabio Gouvea killed it today and nailed some pretty good looking barrels and a couple of powerful hacks. The veterans are back with a vengeance here on the HO and along with his good mate Sunny G, they are showing the young generation how heats are won old style.

Speaking of Hawaii, Tamayo Perry nearly extended his head scar (the one he got a few season ago at Pipe which has left him with no hair on top of his cabeza) with one freefall floater where he came inches away for the dry reef. And there has been a few more close encounters today, any surfer attempting a third move on these waves was seriously putting his fins into snapping position.

Meanwhile webcast commentators Sam Lamiroy and Lee Bartlet, comfortably seated in their long chairs in the open air were already analyzing the replays for the Amph awards. Any rider punting an alley oop or any other innovative move during the Highland Open could walk away 2000 euros richer if he's elected by the webviewers (go to the Oneilleurope website to see the vids).

That's all for now, seriously hoping for the swell will pick up, coz even if we are that far up north, we know that everyone is scoring big time in Europe.