What's up Europe?

I trust things are great and that everyones enjoying the early summer weather! I'm currently lost in time zones in LA on my way to Tahiti for the next event. I've just come from a chilling 59 degrees north of the equator at Thurso, Scotland where I spent a few days taking in the crisp far Northern Hemi air and ocean. Wow! It was CHILLY. My first experience in boots, gloves and a hood.

It was hilarious running through those deep green meadows in your whole kit past shaggy haired cows and baby sheep and out into the icebergs!! Much respect to the hardy scottish lads who brave those elements all year round. I was really surprised by the potential of the coastline...Im sure some of you out there know of some amazing secret spots up there!

We scored a few fun little waves, a highlight for me being a little pebbly rivermouth, novelty wave setup that we surfed which reminded me of Trestles. we were riding theses little lefts up this river barely fifty yards from where the fly fisherman were casting for trout!

I also had the chance to catch up with my European mates Marlon Lipke and Gony Zubizaretta and share a few beers over the Champions League semis in a local little scottish Pub. My good friend at home is a professional footballer so he has pretty much converted me to the 'beautiful game.'

It was also ANZAC day back in Australia ( our day to remember those who fell in combat) so I had to have a beer for the diggers. It's a great day back in Oz where most people go to a dawn service then head off to the pubs and leagues clubs to play 2up. A game developed by the lads in Gallipoli I believe to pass the time in the trenches. Head em up!

Well Im super excited about the next few weeks at a place called Teahupoo! The maps are looking really good with a big swell expected this weekend for the end of the trials. I cant wait to be sitting in the channel in a pair of boardies looking into gaping pits! Most of the WCT guys will fly in this weekend to prepare for the events start next Friday. It will be a crowded week especially if it does get big like some are saying but a few good ones out there is all you need. I cant wait!

Your editor is probably now sweating over the result of his beloved West Ham's clash with Wigan in the Premier League... go-on the Hammers!

Keep Surfing guys !