It's official, sensation Ben Mondy (formerly known as Rod Cunthorpe) is besties with Shane! Nobody makes Dorian's sides ache like Mondy! Nobody!

Photo stolen from Surf Portugal's Facebook

From left at a recent dinner in Nazare, Portugal that's Francois Liets, Carlos Pinto, Thierry le lifeguard, Pietro (Sancho's filmer), Justine Dupont, Ben Mondy, his best mate Shane Dorian and Sancho. Sancho is not amused BUT SHANE IS!!! At the end of the meal Shane pulled out his platinum card and said "I'll get mine and Mondy's" and then, sitting next to Mondy's in the car ride home said softly, "You can come to the Big Island any time Ben. Bring your own bow and arrow or you can borrow my spare. You crack me up..."