Picture 21

Wave forecasters spat coffee on their ipads, maxipads, blowing circuits and o-rings simultaneously. They said 'massive', 'huge', 'bigger than the last one.' The mother of all storms is apparently brewing somewhere in Trafalga and forecasters are expecting a bit of anger in these waters over the next few days. They said stuff like,

"if it comes in as called, the latest model numbers put this swell 5ft bigger than last winters

classic Eddie Aikua contest swell at its peak and strangely enough given the rarity of this sort of storm it’s

just a little larger than the one last year that destroyed the contest site."


Unfortunately, there's a fair bit of wind forecast to come with that swell so apart from today which is set to be mental for the trials at Supertubos, the event might be off the first few days as we get into hurricane shelters and caulk up any unsealed orifices that might get sandblasted.

I'm sharing a room with Pablo 'el matador' Gutierrez who's surfing in the trials right now. Get through 3 heats and you're in, son.