Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good evening.

Aritz Aranburu is recovering well from a busted knee and ankle suffered during the Quik Pro Expression Session the Gold Coast. He's been doing rehab at CERS in Capbreton and is pretty happy with his progress. Over some maki thon and some insideout at the Bidonville in Hossegor the 22-year-old explained how earlier in the day he'd won a 100 euro bet with a fellow 'inmate' to swim around the prevent jetty only in boardies, and won. Although understandably gutted to have had to watch Bells online, AA was typically chirpy, full of banter and sporting his trademark Basque bowlcut. He's planning to be back for Tahiti, but won't be sure for a few weeks yet.

Stay tuned for other international sport global mega-exclusives reported as and when they happen, Sky News, BBC, CNN, et cetera... where were you clowns?