Well, it's the work of Kelly Slater who's teamed up with his main sponsor Quiksilver to put this new fashion project together.

In a mainstream media interview last year, Kelly rather humourously described his personal style as “trying not smell and wearing things that match,"  while highlighting that he intended to influence the new brand more from a philosophy point of view rather than as fashion guru.

Talking to Grind TV recently, Kelly has added, "It's about how to put your passions and beliefs into something that wasn't seen as just a product for mass sale, the line and Web site are ways to express that in a different forum. Of course, we're still a company and we're backed by (Quik) , just to be transparent about that, but we can quickly change direction or make decisions without all the red tape."

At present the newly launched surf brand has only one European ambassador, but he's a rad one. That'll be the Basque Country's footloose Kepa Acero.

Other ambassadors include Derek Hynd, John Moore, Rusty Long, Ryan Heywood, Steve Sherman, Taylor Steele, Sandow Birk, Jesse Faen and Joel Patterson, who have all been contributing to blogs on the newly launched website.

While not yet available to buy online or in stores across Europe, you can now check out a large part of the menswear range online.