The ASP World Tour seems, thus far at least, cursed by an ill-wind of shitness. As if it wasn't bad enough having fairly poop waves most of the time, then the god of gods K Slate decides not to bother coming to school! Aie aie aie.

Anyhows, it was put out of its misery on Sunday in conditions that semi-resembled Sopelana. If they had run on Friday they could have finished it sat when it was relatively pumpin, but they didn't. You know how the surfers freak out at the judges when they feel they got the score 'wrong'? Well I reckon the fans should all have a go at the surfers for getting the decision wrong about when to surf. Clowns!

Here's Jords winning. Some thought Julia Wilson got ripped off v Acedrian but I couldn't really get that excited about it. I thought I got ripped off by investing a good two hours of my Sunday watching.

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