by PeeWee

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'Outile' is French for tool and inutile means useless and I've been called both...

Making your own board is tres chic. I usually get my boards from the very awesome C Bradley and thus have no excuse for being shit at surfing, other than just that I am. So I thought, why not make my own raft, and thus have a handy equipment disclaimer? In order to do this I hooked up (not like that) with the very groovy Damien Marly from

Monsieur Marly supplies everything you need to make a mess in your garage, I'd strongly recommend getting in touch.

Check Damien Marley's website and order yourself or your civil partner the best Xmas pressie ever: a variety of carcinogenics... Making a mess is big fun, and making a surfboard is even better. If the thing even half semi paddles or goes I reckon you've had a right result.

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shaping was OK but the best part was drawing a cock on le stringer...

p.s. Jr Gong never held a planer ever in his life and FYI according to Damo (whose son's middle name is Bob), "Marly is a French name..."