I'm in Bali, keeping it real.

We're here with the Gravis team, Euros Laurent Pujol, Gabe Davies, Joss and Reubyn Ash, as well as international heads Benji, Rizal, Rasta, Sanoe Lake and Kassia Meador. The Machado is here too. We've been shootin with Bali based photogs Jason Childs and SE senior D Hump.

Yesterday afternoon racetracks was crankos. I trod on an urchin walking out, which is bad news. Then I got bounced off the reef on my batty and scraped up left batty cheek. Ouch.

The machado snaked me on a sweet one by spinning inside me and then calling me off. After he must have felt silly and said sorry, I guess those are the kind of tactics he felt he needed to beat me...

Rasta was pulling into these mental bazas that were pretty much on dry reef. He's not scared.

I'm going out tonite in Kuta to get sweaty with all the russians, aussies, ukranians, rosbifs, etc. I'll let you know how it goes.