It's all happening here. The holidays have kicked off, and there are plenty of folk driving around town completely baffled. It can be quite a baffling place to drive around, in all fairness, said now from the cool, calm recesses of home.

Meanwhile, waves have been OK but pretty crap. A few fun days, but pretty crowded. The other day I paddled out in Seignosse and someone sprayed me in the face and it was... Shane Powell. Ripping the right all the way to the beach, which was pretty cool. Maybe he's seen how good Kelly's still going and wants to get back on the CT. Anyway, that was a pretty rad and unexpected blast from the past down at the Crime bank. We had a bar b q here on friday, or rather, the German girl who lives here had a bar b q and invited some of her unsavory friends around, like Gabe and Lauren and Coco Davies. Actually they were OK. They were fine, and Gabe actually did a great job handling the sizzling meat. The real trouble maker was a small german dog, who dug a massive hole in our garden, and generally showed disrespect for organic vegetables. Both owner and hound received life bans. Things descended regrettably after I went to bed when peter donkey and pinky doggy must have had some kind of toilet paper fight. In the morning there was candle wax all over the patio which I had to scrape off with the lost years tool before the scorching sun hit it, but anyway, at least Youngy left some Asahi here.