Jimmy. Photo: Timo

Strange, strange things happen in Bali. I once heard about a guy who got off the beaten track checking the surf, and stumbled across a ghost funeral procession for a local that died 50 years earlier... Crazy.

Today, even wierder than that, Keiren Perrow did an air (!) and got an 8... madness!

You look big, man... you been liftin? Photo: Timo

WAGs, poolside. If you can name them all then you probably need to get out more. Photo: Timo

That's it, settled. The Top 34 are converting to Balinese Hinduism. Look how stoked they are. Photo: Timo

The only thing better than watching the CT live is watching the CT live whilst urinating in the pool the WAGs will soon swim in. Ahhhhhh. Taj. Photo: Timo

Full radness from our man Mondy comin real soon!