A group of British citizens were evicted from the former Munipal Campsite at Bourdaines for drinking, being loud and stuff.

Was it the Thinkbrau (Lidl's finest, €4 for 24) drinking, hell-raisin' Channel Coast Chargers from Llantwit Major? The same channel coast chargers that got arrested in Weston Super Mare two years in a row for ruckin' on their way to the British Interclubs in Woolecombe?

Nope. It was pop crooner James Morrisson and his brother, sisiter and mum, who were also staying at the campsite. Apparently they got hoyed out for getting lary, according to Guff.

Does this mean the Welsh boys have gone soft? Are they now better behaved on surf trips than a funky geetar strummin balladeer and his female relatives?

Stay tuned.