Following the Drug Awareness Pro (strange one that, publicising drug use, isn't it?) in Margaret River, WA, European surfers are currently having a whale of a time on the QS. Although it's still well early to be getting too excited, it's still pretty rad to have Europe holding down 1st, 3rd and 5th, with Portugal's Tiago Pires, The Basque Co's Aritz Aranburu and France/Ireland's Tim Boal representing the blue flag with circle of gold stars to the fullest. Well done TP for coming second at Margaret's famous Surfer's Point, and let's hope these three and several others maintain their charge and forge a proper Euro contingent on the 2008 Dream Tour, so that I can justify going to every event across the world on expenses, eating free lunch everyday, drinking contest beers and writing groundbreaking articles like, 'surfer A was on fire in round 2 heat 5, while surfer B couldn't find his rythym... etc etc'