Last sunday and monday delivered some of the best waves we had for a long time on the Hossegor & Seignosse stretch. While a few pros decided to hang around to wash away their frustration after a disappointing Mundaka pro, some of the locals lead the show in solid 4 to 6 ft A frame peaks.

One man in particular was on fire, Eurglass's craftman Mark Phipps got one of the longest barrel of his life on the Bourdaines bank on sunday (7 seconds according to lensman greg rabejac). he was at it again on monday with great down the line speed and barrel composure. kelly Slater got of course his fair share of waves, while Tom Curren couldn't resist paddling out despite a knee injury. Meanwhile his daughter lee ann was hooking up nicely with Rabejac in the heavy inside & square barrels. Other stand outs included Colin and his pure barrel line, belly with a few stand up pits and Arnaud D. disappeared into some deep pits.

Basically two great days of surfing with banks holding it despite the swell direction offering a nice conclusion after a 10 days of non stop surfing action.