Yesterday was about as good as France gets at 4ft, it was an epic day. We have a crazy right sandbank under wraps which unleashed a load of backhand barrels for the Davies bros!

We had an all day offshore wavefest, which has been a long time coming. Big storms, onshores and a load of average sessions, meant nothing great to report. The water is boiling down here now, boardies, sunscreen and maybe a vest, warmest summer in years. I'll try and snag some photos and load em up, but for now, check out the randoms below. See you in the surf ! Cheers, Gabe

Did anyone watch the J-bay comp, some class action down there!

tail throw @ summer time hossegor

My dog coco claims ASP World Title Trophy from Kelly! This was taken just after Kelly had won his 9th title in Mundaka....... I just found it again on my laptop and had to upload it!

OK this is my new 5'7 kelly inspired 5 fin! CB calls it the thing! Just had it in the water and it rocks! fast as and the quad set up is loose.

This was my dream quiver! A set of Merricks with Jono Wood artwork. The surf was epic that day! Most of those boards are snapped now.