Some mental partying went down for the opening of the new European Volcom headquarters in Anglet, France last night. Volcom founder and CEO Richard Wolcott (or “Wooly" as people like to call him in the industry) showed up for the big occasion, as well as a Basque heavy metal band from Bilbao that came to light it up in the new Volcom Stone stock room.

All was going fine until half way through the evening when PE tried to debag me while I was talking to some busty blonde babe (call it a cockblock if you want). Rather than pull down from the knees, he made the “error" of going for the two back pockets on my favourite H&M blue corduroys. The pockets came straight off leaving the back of my boxers and lower thighs blowing in the wind. Several girls got pretty excited at the sight of my muscular legs and tried to get in on more debagging action. But I wasn't amused. I wrestled them off and went to get another beer.

P.S. It's my birthday today. Hope you haven't forgotten to send your cards and cheques everyone.