From the makers of this year's award-winning Stoked & Broke feature film, Cy & Eds Mexecellent Adventures over at Korduroy TV will make you want to pack up your van and head southward in search of Meth Town Tacos:

Flashing lights, spewing smog, and humming hard drives ever spook your stoke? Then take a vicarious vacation with Cy and Ed, as they search for surf and salvation in the wasteland of tomorrow.

Yes, it’s coming..

Cy and Ed’s Mexellent Adventures

Written & Directed by Cyrus Sutton

Camera/Edit by Erik Derman

Narration by Chris Britton


“Satie Gym" by Shawn Lee and the Ping Pong Orchestra


“Gold Teeth" by Little Wings and our buddy Kyle Field (*correction – song not by Be Gulls)