The contrast is eloquent and painful, south of the border from Les Landes into the French & Spanish Basque country surfers had one of their best winter in memory, countless days of offshore winds with consistent 4 to 6 foot swells. Where us, poor souls of the 'Land of Corn', up north had to settle for just a couple of decent days in the sand banks of Hossegor and some sheltered surfs in Capbreton (sighs). We even had to come and surf lafiténia, Bidart or St jean de Luz, that's how desperate we are, when the drive to Mundaka seemed too much of a mission. But who is to blaim in this sad affair? the bloody hot air masses that should have stayed more toward the tropics and not come and play at this time of the year above the old continent. A cold winter, always meant, clear sky and offshore winds and filtrered swells from the north Atlantic. And several analysts (méteo france) are forecasting more record breaking temperatures in the next three months...So we can't really expect any improvement in the immediate future, warmer temp (air and water), sideshore south winds and the red carpet toward us for any low pressures that happen to grow over the Atlantic will prevail...Arrrgh.