I woke up this morning thinking I’d died and gone to heaven. As it turned out, the blinding white light coming through my bedroom window was just snow. A solid 15cm of it. That weather girl wasn’t joking about it getting colder. I donned down jacket, hat, gloves, and headed out. The drive to work was kind of gnar’gnar’. I don’t think I ever made it out of 2nd gear. But that’s the kind of dedication the team has come to expect at Surf Europe.

Come 5pm, I went to check it. It looked a little high but there were a few fun ones coming through. Standing on my treads to stay out of the white stuff, I pulled the O’Neill Heat 4/3 on. Come on, you can do this. Next… Booties, yeah, booties, quick. Booties, booties, booties. I know there in here somewhere… booties… Oh, no, that’s right, you drove off without them last week, leaving the birds to feed off the mould in some ruddy parking lot. Good one! As I ran down the beach through the snow and into the sea, the water has never felt warmer. Well, for about 2 minutes it did. Then I went home, drank three cups of tea, ate half a kilo of pistachios and passed out.