The surf was off its face again for the Quik Pro Hossegor last Sunday. One of Surf Europe’s senior photogs even got to experience his first 2 wave hold-down. Respect! Here’s a few shots from the day’s highlights:

For more pics and video footage of day 4 of the Quik Pro France, go to Today the surf is still massive but howling onshore so it's a layday. Apparently it's going to be offshore again tomorrow though so stay tuned for the live webcast of Round 3 which should kick off first thing tomorrow morning.

In other really important ‘real life’ news, men like PE and Rory Jordan have been painting and decorating their new 7 bedroom house in CapB. I stayed there the other day after the Quik Pro. It’s sweet as. If anyone fancies putting on their painty pants and getting round there I’m sure they’d appreciate a hand. Booyakasha!