Right then the contest is all wrapped up and it's been a pretty epic week of competition which saw mind blowing juniors surfing great waves, hot weather, torrential rain and electrical storms. For the Brits Volcoms Lewis Clinton was the last man standing who made round four in the repercharge so good effort to him.

Down on the beach today the masses flocked down despite the heavy rain to watch the three finals. Alejo Muniz From Brazil took out the Under 18 World Title in a close fought battle between him and Owen Wright who surfed incredibly but was unlucky not to get some more good waves to allow him to get the scores. In the under 16's Tamaroa Mcomb walked away with a World Title. A bit more of an inevitable win this time as he was showing brilliance throughout the event and then finally in the girls Australia's Laura Enever won which sealed the deal for Australia who now have won the team event three years in a row.