Waves are decent here at the mo. The sun has been blazing, wind is light. A-ha!

Yesterday after ripping the leash plug out of my 6'5" and a half Christiaan Islands channel bottom I saw Aritz along the CapB seafront coated in a Quiksilver wetsuit and looking decidedly wet. He'd just had a splash out around the jetty and reckoned he did OK, but took it all real easy.

'No airs then?' I asked. 'Never!' he quipped. "I'll never be able to do airs!.'

It's great to see Aritz back in the drink and the banter flowing as always.

Meanwhile, Archi is busy doing everyone's head in in Thurso. Seeing as he's actually the legitimate Lord Archibald the 14th of Cul Nus, he asked if he could stay in the castle, but they said nae. He is actually descended from Scottish blood, although we'll keep quiet that it was a direct ancestor of Jaeckin who was among a party of deserters at Bannockburn.

stay close.