Hi guys, just days before you get your hands the new issue of SE, our widespread team of bloggers or spies in that case, learnt thanks to heavy briberies of all sorts the next location of the Rip Curl Pro Search WCT!

It was a no go in WA and even in Raglan NZ (read on the interview on the Search concept & logistic & hot list in the coming issue), so the Rip Curl Search think tanks came up with another exciting destination...Even if it won't bring any new discoveries to your webcast window, it will surely offer world class waves and plenty of quality options, from thick and hollow lefthanders to long tapering walls.

So here it is folks:the island of the thousand gods, the bukit golden mile ! the land of the nasi goreng, Bali! will host the next search WCT with a base in world famous Uluwatu!

The Peak, race track or even Outside corner not a bad play ground for the top 45, knowing that Padang is just around the corner too...

Just don't plan your holidays there in the first week of august or head straight to G land!