ASP Statsman Al Hunt has spoken: The 2009 ASP Mens World Title race will almost certainly go down to Pipe. There is no chance of it being decided at Mundaka, and it will almost certainly be Mick or Joel.

Here's the nuts and bolts:

- Mick and Joel are separated by 146 points, or one round, meaning there is no chance of the title being decided at Mundaka.

- Should one of them win and the other loses in the first round at Mundaka, there is a chance the title could be decided at Portugal.

- For the title to be decided in Portugal, the winner of Mundaka would have to win again, while the loser would have to again lose in the first two rounds.

The chances of Kelly, CJ or Bede winning are remote. For them to win, they must win at least two of the last three events and at worst get a third in one. If Mick or Joel make it to the fourth round in either of the next two events, they can't win.

"tour de san clemente" mick fanning from Mick Fanning on Vimeo.