Howzit everyone? Hope you're keeping it really real... (too bad the Poms couldn't in the Ashes!)

I was at a Uni class the other day and the lecturer was asking all the peeps what their Daddys did for a living... Everyone gave out the standard answers: fireman, policeman, baker, etc, until a Pommy kid called Sammy said: "My daddy stands on dark corners late at night in tight leather getups trying to take home men, and sometimes if they like him he'll make a quid or two for the evening..."

The teacher pulled him aside and and said "Sammy, is that really what your daddy does?"

He replied: "No miss he plays for the English cricket team, I was just too embarassed to say."

I'm up at Burleigh heads at the moment for a Junior event ...even did a bit of work on the mic today!

Life's good just getting pumped for a big year! I'm about to cut this one off but you'll be hearing more from me soon!