We had our WCT pioneers, Russ, Eric then Miky but they all fell short at the end of their respective season. Then came the wonder Kid, Jeremy Flores, who took the WQS title. It looked like a one man effort, JF was on a mission and in a category of its own, carrying the flag yet alone again. The young 19 years old, had of course an amazing season on the tour this year but 2006 was really where he 'electro shock treated' european surfing. It took a few months to sink in but the message was through...go hard or go home. And the round of 48 all of a sudden didn't mean end of the road for the euros

Tiago started the WQS season like never before, same for Aritz and Miky came back with a late charge. Those 4 surfers above the 11 000 points mark will be in the top 45 2008...A european first, a really birth of the euroforce in the elite! Now let's see if Patrick can join his bros, Hawaii is always a difficult ground to gain points but Beven is a man of multiple ressources. Can he make it 5?