Anthony Walsh is one of the most barrelled people in the universe.

But his prowess inside the tube not only involves handling ledging takeoffs, negotiating freight train sections and finessing the foamball, it also involves capturing these intimate moments in beautiful HD footage, on his GoPro.

And while your tube skills might compare unfavourably with Walshy’s, your GoPro skills can be brought up very much to scratch with a few tips from the man himself, who we caught up with after the recent epic Indo swell.

We reviewed the Hero 6 Black in our Surf 100 - The Best Products for Surfing in 2018 and noted then that tech chat about frame rate and resolution can make your twig n’ berries shrivel - well put that to aside for a minute.

The Hero 6 Black will shoot 4K resolution footage at 50fps (slo-mo), or 1080 (full HD) at an incredible 240fps (real slow, like reality slowed down ten times).

Walshy, you’re capturing some of the raddest tube PoV out there. What’s your set-up?

For all my Point of view (POV) I shoot like mouth cam, set on a high frame rate (i.e. slo-mo) but also a wide angle. Because I everything is close to the camera so want to have everything in the shot. The easiest way to get barrell vision is board mounted or mouthcam. I use mouthcam a lot because it’s easy and I can still pull the camera out of my mouth and hold it. I use the GoPro bite mount so I can clip into the board for both paddling then take out for when I catch a wave.

Tailmount footage looks mental, is it hard to get?

Tailmount is a little bit harder but the angle is super cool. I use a Knektusa tailmount which I resin into my board. I dedicate a board for tailmount only the board you want to be a little longer than normal the longer the board the deeper the camera will be in the barrell - and you don’t need to be deep to get a great shot.

"Never touch the lens - you’ll put grease marks and water drops will form easier, and we all hate water drop footage"

How about any tips for swimming and shooting?

Keep licking and dipping the lens to keep off water drops off. I like to shoot linear, or zoom in mode on the higher resolutions so I can crop in because the action is usually further away. When it’s sunny you can shoot can shoot as slow as you like but it’s worth remembering you need decent light for the best super slow (240fps) footage.

"The classic is showing up to shoot and the battery is flat. So I just leave the battery out of the camera..."

While we’ve got you, how about about a couple of tuberiding hacks? Help a brother out…

What I tell people is to touch the wave, whether it’s backhand or forehand. This will help you stay close to the wave face so you don’t get to far down the face, but also helps you not go to far up and get lipped. Especially good when you can’t see, so you know where you are at all times. And if you need to stall you can put your hand in or speed up you can pull it out to pump.

Walshy’s GoPro Mistakes To Avoid

- The classic is showing up to shoot and battery is flat. So I just leave the battery out of the camera, and have spare charged batteries, in case it turns on inside your bag.

- If it’s a GoPro 4 or earlier, don’t leave your camera in the sun. Just like your board and wettie, really.

- Never touch the lens you’ll put grease marks and water drops will form easier - and we all hate water drop footage.

- Backup your footage you have shot as quick and as much as possible especially good content. When I get a good wave I usually go and change cards out straight away because I have lost amazing footage before, and don’t want to ever do that again.