Surf skating was born out of the idea of bringing more flow to the concrete wave, and is now widely used in high performance surfing as a training tool to improve technique, fitness and take your shred to the next level.

It also gives the landlocked surfer the opportunity to get their stoke fix, pull into tree/hedge barrels, generally put a different vibe on a trip to the shops. 

Surfing and skateboarding have always been intrinsically linked since 60's longboarder surfers did slalom around beer cans on homemade skateboards and dubbed the act 'sidewalk surfing'. Venice Beach’s Z-Boys took the cross-over to the next level, emulating layback hacks on concrete transitions, all big hair and short shorts.


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Skating over the following years stayed true to its surf roots, with skateparks being built with bowls and snake runs being the main features, keeping the style fluid. 

Modern skateboarders have since narrowed their focus, spending their days trimming three inches off the bottom of their trousers, curating an important collection of polyester coaches jackets in navy and black, and riding skateboards in any time left over.  

Your own wave (YOW) is one of the market leaders in the technology of surf skates, and designs and manufactures its own trucks - which give the feeling of being on the water.

"Seriously, have you Ibon's quads? They make Tommy Carroll's look like Victoria Vergara's"


The spring loaded front truck is what gives you the ability to rip the board side to side and pump to generate speed just as you would on a wave. I tested the Ibon Amatriain signature model. If you never pictured Eddie invitee Ibon as much of a skater, neither did I. But if he needs a method of training those massive quadriceps, the Basque hellman will find it in shredding his Yow. Seriously, have you seen his quads? They make Tommy Carroll's look like Victoria Vergara's.

To practice your water based manoeuvres you can tear around on the flat all day, the asphalt turns into endless lines of swell for you. However, if you want to get more radical it's time to head to the transition. A gentle bank is what you are looking for, something wide and mellow to start with. Here you will be able to replicate getting the board ‘vertical’ or at least something close. From here, unleash your full portfolio of hacks, slashes, cutties... why not a dropped wallet?

Yow Surf Skate

Price: €273

Size: 33.5″ x 10″ x 20″WB

Trucks: Caliber 8.5″ Standard/Silver

Wheels: 60 x 40mm 82A Coral

Well, after you've opened your wallet and purchased a Yow Surf Skate of course... which you can do right here.