The Fling's main purpose in life is to catch waves and generate speed in small surf whilst remaining amenable to performance surfing. It's a purpose it fulfils admirably.

That doesn’t mean, by the way, that you have to be a bona fide ripper in order to ride the Fling — this is a board that will suit almost all levels of surfer. What it means is that your surfing won’t be straitjacketed by the board’s small-wave properties, and you can still attempt all your usual turns, however mind-blowingly radical or stolidly pedestrian they may be.

I won’t use the word groveller, I don’t like it. Grovelling involves sacrificing your dignity, prostrating yourself at the feet of some smirking overlord in exchange for a meagre concession. It doesn’t make me want to go surfing or buy a surfboard.

Super The Fling GT Surfboard

Grovelling is attempting to surf 2ft mush on an 18-inch-wide thruster that would fall foul of the EU’s bendy banana law. The Fling, on the other hand, ennobles the act of small-wave surfing. I declare it is the very opposite of a groveller.

“The Fling ennobles the act of small-wave surfing. I declare it is the very opposite of a groveller”

All feedback points to the Fling being exceptionally spritely and a pleasure to work with. And if you’ve got an aerial or two in your locker, or reckon you might but can never find the key, the Fling will help you unlock them. It flies down the line, pops and fizzes above the lip.

Super The Fling GT Surfboard
Super The Fling GT Surfboard

Interestingly, the graphic for this model is a catapult, a slingshot; presumably they got confused between a fling and a sling. Those Australians, what are they like!

Super The Fling GT

Dimensions: 5’5" x 20 ⅛" x 2 ½" / 30L
Shaper: Adam "Sparrow" Fletcher
Set-up: Thruster/Quad
Materials: PU/PE
Price: £520


You’ll probably want to go 5 to 7 inches shorter, and 2 or 3 litres more voluminous than your go-to shortboard. That will give you some crucial extra float, but be careful not to overdo it or it’ll feel cumbersome, too big and buoyant to put on rail, which would kind of defeat the object.

Super team rider Brett Barley’s boards are usually 24 litres. His Fling, which he loves dearly, is 27 litres.