The 90s are indisputably hot right now, and there’s nothing either of us can do about it. And yet for how unsavoury the 90s aesthetic appears from afar, on closer scrutiny, 90s stuff had certain redeeming features. Gladiators had Jet, for example. 5ive had Jason… oh never mind.

Even Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves had saving graces. I watched it recently and while Costner made me cat-sick in my mouth every time he appeared, Alan Rickman saved the entire film with trademark awesome.

Other stuff from the 90s didn’t need redeeming features, but rather looked great from any angle. Like Rusty Surfboards, for example.

Surf brand-wise, Rusty was a 90s monster, one of if not the only board brand to make it as a full on surf brand. I'm not sure if Rusty ever really went away as such, or just went considerably quieter.

Rusty Chew Toy Surfboard – tail/fin detail

Either way, these days their board range offers something for everyone in anything, sticks very much embracing the 21st century.

"Short, wide, flat and has volume... and it flies"

The Chew Toy, for example, couldn’t be further from the New School era in form. Rather than long-ish, paper thin, narrow and curved like potato chip, it’s short, wide, flat and has volume. And it flies.

We tested it at the Wavegarden Cove last autumn to glowing reports, and while probably the most small wave design of that entire test, it still held its own in the Cove’s steep, punchy opening section.

Designed to be a hybrid groveller with a broader range, shreddable in steeper surf, it's an ideal summer board. In waves lacking their winter impetus, when you want a board to compensate with paddle power and speed over flat sections but not one that just goes fast in a straight-line road to nowhere, the Chew Toy comes into its own.

Rusty Chew Toy Surfboard
Rusty Chew Toy Surfboard

Rusty Chew Toy

Dimensions: 5’10 x 20.12 x 2.38 / 30.8L
Designed by: Rusty Preisendorfer
Set up: Thruster/Quad
Materials: PU/carbon
Price: €700

Rusty Surfboards

They packed in a few features too, those Rusty folk; chine rails / love handles adorn the deck a la Stretch, there's a carbon stringer underneath and tail reinforcements, while a baby swallow tail brings up the rear. This one comes with 5 box Futures, depending on if you’re a thruster or a quad kinda cat. Why not just go both ways?

It’s 2018 after all, baby.