Twins might be one the worst films ever made, but some of the best surfboards. Twins are super hot right now, probably more popular than they were in MR’s day, whereas Twins is all but conveniently forgotten.

And just as the twin-fin phase followed the single-fin phase back in the actual day, so too does the twinny revival faithfully follow peak Knostalgia.

Like the others in our selection — Arakawa, ChipironMachado — the key to the beauty of the Vaughan Keel Fish is speed.

With no centre fin to drag, the shit off a shovel analogy, while crude for a publication as esteemed as this, is pretty spot on.

So, should you get one (some)?

The thing people always said about twins was they don’t go great backside.

Rob Vaughan Keel Fish Surfboard

"Backside?" You scoff. "Surfing’s equivalent of ketchup in the fridge… who even does that?"

But seriously, that’s gone a bit quiet, folk seem to be doing fine on twins on their backhand.

Just so long as you think Federer (smooth, finessed) and not Hewitt (double yuck!) backhand is fine.

“The beauty of the Vaughan Keel Fish is speed”

Vaughan’s Billabong surfboards factory in Hossegor has made a roaring success out of surfcraft of all denominations since the beginning of the 21st century, from high-perf shortboards to delectable glossy guns for La Nord, and everything in between.

We chose to show the Keel Fish from their very broad range partly because our job — no, calling — as the media, ‘is to reflect back what’s really happening in society’ and partly because, well fuck, the board looks epic.

Rob Vaughan Keel Fish

Dimensions: 5’10" x 20 ¼" x 2 11/16”
Shaper: Rob Vaughan
Set up: Twin
Materials: PU
Price: €650

Atelier Billabong 

Rail panels and some carbon inlays around the stringer add modern updates to a classic concept, furthering the very chic nowtro vibes the Vaughan Keel Twin oozes.

You know what else is hot? Passive aggressive. And what better way to embody that in a surfboard than the twin fin’s unthreatening in the car park, lethal bizzle in the sea vibe.

Just another reason never to trust a hippy.