Damien Marly started Chipiron surfboards in 2006 after losing a long and expensive legal case with the Marley family and in particular Damian Marley aka Junior Gong, of Welcome To Jamrock fame.

The Marley family expert witness and his extensive DNA evidence proved conclusive, the case was thrown out, and Marly was thus forced into the lucrative custom surfboard business to pay legal costs.

Some twelve years on, Marly has no plans to return to Jamaica.

A radical non-conformist, his atelier has never closed for lunch, or days of the week whose French names end in "i", despite France’s strict and brutally enforced laws on the subject.

Shaping in a dimly lit magret de canard shed near St Martin d’Hinx, SW France, Marly quickly gained a reputation as a slow board builder, at times taking days over a single pass of the planer. He refused to do media like Kate Bush between 1986 and 2009, and rumours circulated that Marly only shaped during full moons after having imbibed a potent mix of peyote, poppers and Get 27.

Chipiron Gamba Surfboard

Chipiron Gamba – tail/fin detail

“Rumours circulated that Marly only shaped during full moons after having imbibed a potent mix of peyote, poppers and Get 27”

Other rumours claimed he only shaped when the cranes were migrating, there was frogspawn in the Bouret, and the mosquitos were biting, simultaneously, but never on anything stronger than Badoit intensement petillant (the red one).

You pays your money, you takes your chance.

Or, as the locals say, “Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttttttttttt”

Chipiron Gamba Surfboard

Chipiron Gamba – deck

Chipiron Gamba Surfboard

Chipiron Gamba – bottom

The Gamba model is suited to riders of all abilities, and works in all kinds of waves between mid and low tide. High tide is not recommended. Ideal for both rights and lefts, stoners and drinkers, Jesus freaks, atheists, Brexiteers and hooligans, the Gamba comes with a money back guarantee for 720 spindle flip airs and spat out 11 sec tubes, but only works with Phillips fin screws.

Chipiron Gamba

Length: 7’4”
Shaper: Damien Marly
Set up: Single
Materials: PU
Price: €750


“Use a flathead in one of my boxes” Marly was reported to have told a petrified client in 2015, “and you’re fucken dead to me”.

The client did in fact pass away later that week, although Marly has since been cleared on all charges.