An ultralight, super versatile shoe from Vans' much-loved UltraRange, the Rapidweld puts comfort, performance and classic Vans styling together in a shoe you can wear anywhere and everywhere.

Because, saddling up for a wilderness wave-riding adventure, what with organising your proper rubber and fibreglass accoutrements, survival rations (aka packed lunch) and specialist documenting equipment (smartphone & IG), the last thing you need to worry about is packing various types of footwear. You need a shoe for all terrain, all situations, all day.

Vans UltraRange Rapidweld

For your quest for empty surf, this shoe can handle all the hors piste obstacles you throw at it. Forest hikes, clifftop rambles, rocky traverses, the UltraRange Rapidweld will get you where you need to in comfort.

In a more urban scenario perhaps? Maybe skating to class, running for the bus, hopping on a plane… enjoying an apéro in the company of friends and strangers, you’re sweet for all the kinds of pressures you put your feet under, all the while sporting classic Vans styling.

Vans UltraRange Rapidweld

The unparalleled comfort comes from a LuxLiner seamless internal stock that wraps your foot, meaning the shoe moves as you do. Ultracush lite foam molded with a Vans waffle rubber gives all the cushioning you need, while a reverse waffle lug sole helps you grip in any situation.

Meanwhile, a fully breathable mesh keeps ensures a fresh, lightweight ride. And when we say lightweight, that’s real talk. At just 320g, gram for gram these are the hardest wearing, highest performing Vans shoe ever.

"You’re sweet for all kinds of pressures you put your feet under, all the while sporting classic Vans styling"

The day we shot this video, Toyon put his UltraRange Rapidwelds through their paces alright. At dawn in Les Landes, searching out the right sandbar in the morning chill, negotiating scorching midday heat and holiday crowds at Grande Plage, surf checking out of the way banks through cliff top undergrowth on dusk.

In between he surfed four times, played petanque, cruised on a skatey, had important social interactions, ate a gourmet burger, and ultimately took a midnight digestif in a chic Biarritz watering hole.

Vans UltraRange Rapidweld

Materials: Mesh upper, Ultracush sole
Weight: 150g
Price: €100


While the potential threats of heartburn and physical fatigue needed to be seen off in order to pack all that into one long spring day, his feet meanwhile regaled in the supremest of comfort and the rudest of health.

Whatever you decide to pack into your days and nights, wherever the pursuit of surf stoke or the path to spiritual enlightenment might lead you down the rocky road of life, know this: Vans UltraRange are ready for anything.