So you’re good for a sock, but you want a little bit more protection for Mr Shredstick. Something with more cushioning to protect against moderately violent impact from blunt or sharp objects, something that closes securely with a robust zip.

Maybe it’s to check into a short haul flight for a long weekend with a promising forecast, maybe it’s to bung in the back of the van for that epic roadie.

Heck, maybe it’s even to double up as a sleeping bag/ground mat on a camping trip (yep, done that).

Your attention, naturally, turns to the daybag genre of surfboard covers, and in this instance, Hurricane’s very fetching Army Green Polyflight number.

When it comes to single board bags, there’s a lot of shiny silver out there for the magpie in all of us, there’s a bit of cool black too, never not stylish.. But somehow army green has been a hitherto overlooked colourway.

“Somehow, army green has been a hitherto overlooked colourway”

Bringing functional camo properties, it’ll lessen the chance of enemy air strike or shell fire by giving away your position, whilst simultaneously protecting the target from dings, which while more commonplace a threat to board than airstrike or shelling, has no lesser potential to ruin a surf trip.

Hurricane Polyflight Board Cover

Hurricane have used top spec heat reflective polyethylene and non corrosive zips in their padded covers, making them ideal protection for day to day use.

They’re also made by surfers for surfers, in glorious Durban, South Africa.

A word of operating advice: don’t zip up your wettie and particularly boots with your board in a board cover and leave them there for a week to fester.

A guy brought a board for ding repair in a surf shop I once worked in, having done just that. He’d in fact sailed back from the Scilly Isles, and the first time he’s opened the bag since his last, ding-inducing surf, was at the shop counter.

Hurricane Polyflight Cover

Materials: Polyethelene
Weight: 1280g
Price: €55.50

Hurricane Surf

To call the stench unholy feels unfair on the cloven hooved, horned and fork tongued. He collected the repair some days later, and said he planning to leave again shortly for the Scillies. I can’t confirm that I didn’t mutter something about hoping the boat sunk, as he departed (having quibbled about the price of the repair).

Harsh, you might say, downright nasty even. Perhaps. But you didn’t smell the fecker.