There are loads of fins on the market. Like, loads. Especially in this post-patent protected fin world, there are a bunch of companies making single tab (aka Futures box) and two tab (aka FCS box) fins. So, you’ve really gotta ask yourself, what exactly do I want out of my fins?

If the answer is a picture of a Tasmanian Devil, snarling, and incredible high performance designed by one of the best in the biz, then there’s only one way to go.

The AG47 Bradley Fin by Quiksilver.

Originally a fin foiler by trade before becoming a shaper, Bradley knows a thing or two about rudders. While shaping a Channel Islands board for Taj Burrow some years back, Bradley “chopped 3 mil off a large AM fin set, glassed the fins on and Taj went on to nail a few wins on the board.”

“More area in the tip, large base and fins all the same size to deliver good drive and hold”

Bradley took his design, with all three fins the same size (as opposed to the centre rear fin being slightly smaller) and came up with his own, now-famous CB fin template. “More area in the tip, large base and fins all the same size to deliver good drive and hold” is how Bradley describes what he was trying to do. “The fin was solid fiberglass and designed to feel like a fixed fin as a lot of pros at the time were still using fixed fins.”

Quiksilver Bradley CB AG47 Fin

Designed by: Christiaan Bradley
Weight: 230g
Price: €109


The carbon reinforcement triangle at the base of the CB AG47 set is designed to do exactly that, replicate that sought-after feel of glass ons, in a single tab removable fin set. Carbon adds stiffness and thus drive, and let’s be honest, just kinda looks shiny, high end, and cool. Innegra and carbon fibre meshes also run through this fin, surrounding a foam core, giving further flex pattern control.

While the Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) was once abundant across Australia, but is now only found on the map-shaped island to the country’s south east, Bradley shapes and fins have done the exact opposite; starting out in humble beginnings on the Island of Inspiration, currently taking over the world.