Does anyone ever actually change from thruster to quad, ever? The owner of a well-known surfboard factory asked me recently, as we considered a 5-boxed surfboard fresh off his hand-crafted assembly line.

The answer of course, is categorically, yes. People do.

And if you’re one very such, or, have aspirations to become one, the Luna 6 Fin Futures set is probably the only set of fins you’ll ever need… if your board has Futures boxes.

This epic set of fins comes from Lunasurf, Ian Battrick’s wetsuit/accessory brand based on almost continuous year round R&D conducted from the back of his van in SW France, Iceland and Scotland. If a more consistently tubed surf brand head honcho exists, we’d like to know about him or her.

“Probably the only set of fins you’ll ever need… if your board has Futures boxes”

With a lightweight hexagonal core construction, giving flex akin to glass ons (yes please!) and templates designed to cover every surf condition from soft beach breaks to ledging reef tubes, never before has one set of fins offered such versatility and performance while serving up cool, trippy cosmos graphics, very much the Lunasurf schtick.

Go trad: As a thruster, a slightly smaller rear fin loosens things up, accentuating the contrast in feel between thruster/quad set-ups. Wide base, narrow tip side fins offer a sweet balance between drive and hold with release and response.

Go rad: As a quad, 50/50 foiled rear fins on the quads (symmetrical like the rear fin of a thruster, as opposed to flat on the inside and foiled on the outside) add performance by offering consistent control.

Which of course brings us to the 6th fin. ‘Sixth?!?’ You ask.

A Knubster was once a semi-secret/obscure hack for twins/quads, caught on fleeting webcast glimpses of Slater’s tour boards circa 2011, or MR’s performance twins. Kinda hard to imagine a one inch high fin could make such a difference to the feel of your board, but it can. With quads offering epic drive and grip, but sometimes being harder to go from rail to rail, the knubster offers pivot for easing the transition.

Lunasurf 6 Fin Futures

Material: Lightweight hexagonal core
Weight: 226g (Thruster) / 268g (quad) 293g (quad + knubster)
Price: £150 / €165


Go mad: There’s even the option to take out the rear fin and replace with the Knubster to go nuts on small, fun days. Pretty much every condition catered for by this 6 fin set, the only thing they won’t help you do is paddle faster.

For that, you’ll need to eat — not smoke — your greens. Surely the most sage piece of advice offered on this, or any website.