If you’re looking for a shoe you can go for a surf in, drink a restorative lager or IPA in, break up a fist fight in a taxi line in, and then ultimately, as your reward for your heroic, peace-keeping behaviour attract a potential lovemaking partner in, you’ve found it in Dion Agius’ signature-styled Globe Los Angered II boot.

Almost certainly.

Canvas (which we learned, writing a fascinating board sock review originally takes its name from cannabis) is comfy, is strong, is anti-gimmick. Ideal for tents, for sails, for footwear. It also means no cows met the abattoir mercy lever in the making of this shoe, ideal for whole food plant based vegans.

Or not many cows. There might be a little strip of suede, come to think of it.

Globe Los Angered II

But never mind all that. Does Dion get a quid out of em? What you really wanna know, hmm?

I sure hope so.

The first time I ever met Dion was at, ahem, Tavarua island in 2007. We were both there for the Globe WCT event (neither of us were competing). I had an interview slot at an allocated time at the bar. You could tell he was excited about getting an interview in Surf Europe, at least I could.

Globe Los Angered II

I don’t think the Top 44 noticed, he played it pretty cool, as is his way. Anyway, I was already sitting down, laptop open. He came over shook hands. He was on crutches due to an ankle injury.

Other Globe teamriders had asked me to get them a beer before we started their interviews (Occy), or water (one of the Hobgoods). Instead, Dion offered me a beer, hobbled to the bar and then back on his crutches, carrying two, so I didn’t have to get up.

Have you ever seen anyone carry two beers whilst on crutches? Impressive. ‘This guy’ I remember thinking, ‘will go a long way. Get him a fricken signature apparel/footwear capsule, already. He is the future.’

The shoe features good stuff like the Glove Super-V outsole, Shockbed insole to make sure you’re comfy. Mainly, it just looks pretty cool.

How to quantify cool, though?

“Have you ever seen anyone carry two beers whilst on crutches? Impressive”

To quantify the weight, we weighed em on the scales. To quantify the price, Globe bought all the canvas, Super-V’s, etc, then figured out how much Dion needed to finish his rad house in Tassie, and went from there. But cool?

Well, the pair we used to shoot the video were the subject of a custody tussle between a pro surfer on our trip and SE’s own Billy ‘Piper’ Wilson. I’d kinda promised them to Billy, but the pro surfer accosted me as I was coming out of my room carrying them, just caught me unawares, sprung me by the door and wrong-footed me into handing em over.

It was the second time I’d fallen victim to a classic blindside manoeuvre.

The first was some years ago, I was living with a mate we’ll call Keith, in Plymouth.

We’d been on a surf trip to France and Keith had done the dirty on his girlfriend, Betty. Betty found texts.

They’d argued, and the matter was as-yet unresolved. Then, one sunny, breezy May afternoon, a week or so after our trip I was taking a delicious afternoon nap on the floor of Keith’s lounge. It was a brand new, medium pile wool carpet and with a pillow from the sofa, made for the ultimate siesta pozzy. Keith was at work.

There was a bay window, open. Betty stuck her head in, saw me asleep, and seized her chance.

Globe Los Angered II

Material: Canvas upper
Weight: 450g
Price: £74.95


“That girl in France - he shagged her, didn’t he?”
Yeah……….……………. What??? I mean, no!!!!!!

They broke up, on the basis of my testimony.

That was the first time I got blindsided, and I thought I’d learned my lesson.