Designed by none other than the two-time World Champ himself, the Dakine John John Florence Pro Pad is the most high-spec tail pad on the market today.

Featuring a custom sculpted 25mm vert tail wedge with bevelled edges and drill holes, Florence and the traction eggheads at Dakine have left no detail overlooked in their quest to take tail pads - and surfing - to the next level.

The drill holes are designed to allow water to flow off the pad easily, reducing drag, whilst the bevelled edge cuts down on that awkward corner sticking up over your rail. That’s drag and awkward corners out of your life, forever.

A 7mm centre arch gives the kind of feel and sensitivity Florence requests and requires, while triple cut posi-traction gives an unparalleled level of performance.

After all, grip is what we’re all about. If it’s grippy enough for John, we’re thinking it’ll probably suffice in securing your sacred foot / raft union, no?

Dakine John John Florence Pro Pad

Five pieces make it versatile (the pros tend not to put on the two most forward pieces) for any board, allowing you greater coverage on a bigger board, because, let’s be honest, there’s nothing wrong with trying JJF lazy arm tail blows on your 7’2” fun shape.

Quite the opposite, in fact. There’s so much right with being optimistic on your path to scaling mount shred.

“If it’s grippy enough for John, we’re thinking it’ll probably suffice in securing your sacred foot / raft union, no?”

As you might expect, John only puts his name to the very best of products, and that goes down to packaging  as well. There’s no plastic involved in the wrapping of this pad, recycled cardboard takes the place of any petrochem derived, non-biodegrading, ocean-choking nasty. Same goes for the other Dakine products in this range, the JJF Daylight Board Bag and JJF Kainui Leash.

Dakine John John Florence Pro Pad

Materials: Triple cut positraction
Weight: 86g
Price: €42


Did you see his posts about the Dakine JJF collection on his Insty? No, you didn’t, because he’s over it. (IG, not the collection.) He’s too busy for screen-propagated narcissism, being real, designing bulletproof shred equipment, harnessing awesome windpower in his mainsail and his genoa, and most of all steering surfing towards a better tomorrow.