Jonathan Gonzalez, Gran Canaria by Alex Laurel

We went to Gran Canaria last week to shoot with new Hurley teamrider Jony Gonzalez. We took the plane from Bilbao, Jony took the boat from Tenerife, and it was game on. While the real goal behind the mission was to shoot the crazy slab that we were asked (repeatedly) not to name, there were also a couple of 'hotdog' sesh's if, to be Frank, you had the relish and were were able to ketchup.

This one is from a right pointbreak with a lot of slippy slidey boulders. Entry and exit was perilous. Two older dudes bellowed insults at each other way out the back, while a dozen or so folk traded waves. Jony sat right on the inside and went bonkers, coz that's what he does. The photog snapped this before locking the keys in car and forcing me to hang in my wetsuit in the dark for an hour, and was punished with a hangover the next day that lasted until 5pm.