Tenerife's Alex Zirke is one of those fairly underground guys that you basically know

is gonna be getting barrelled of his noggin everytime you see that big swell in the north Atlantic romping south towards his lump of lava. And with that happening more often than most this winter, we got so much good photos of this guy it was silly.

“Yeah we had some beautiful waves this winter in the Canary Islands, it was a great season. A lot of south winds, and that's perfect for us. I love this photo, even though it's really deceptive," reckoned Zirke. “The spot looks pretty easy enough from this angle, but there is a big dry rock really, really close. If you get a wipeout, for sure you need to pull your leash off and hug the rocks underwater not to get smashed over them, coz if that happens, you'd be in serious trouble." Photo: Villalba/WE

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