Naum Ildefonse, Caribbean. Photo: Laurel

Snow is falling right now outside the window of the SE love shack in SW France. Meanwhile, the Caribbean is hot, sunny and wavey. French surfers Naum 'Blacknuts' Ildefonse and Dimitri Ouvre are over there right now with SE shooter Alex Laurel, and it turns out they made a good call. "That was one of the best days of my life," gushed Naum about yesterday's exploits, a day spent trading endless freight train right pits with Dimitri at this sand point in the middle of nowhere, with not another soul on the beach besides the lads. "I'm still tripping out on how f*cking good that day was... unreal." With the wind coming up the lads hopped on a private jet back to Dimitri's place in St Bart's to regroup, where we caught up with Naum via skype, in bed spooning Laurel. Hey, what goes on tour... etc