It's been a couple of months since the last Surf Europe dropped, but we haven't been sitting around getting fat eating fruity shortbread biscuits in front of Jeremy Kyle wanking and crying. No sir! We been surfin! Surfin' all over.

The radical eighty-eight is ram a jam with the fruits of a sugary winter in Europa, featuring the most dramatic German marine activity in Scotland since Admiral Ludwig von Reuter scuttled the entire German naval fleet at Scapa Flow in 1919. Anyway, rear admirals Lipke and von Rupp had the big fun!

Meanwhile Laurel went Lanzarote and scored a brand new left bombie with Rebrix and Sanch, and of course Tom Lowe who scored the cover!

Also! Tales from winter from Portugal to Mundaka to France the Nahoom Ildefonse interview, something about drugs, April, Jayce Robs, Saca, what else? Loads!

Spend your way out of recession by making the best £3.50 investment since ten Curly Wurlys...


Tom 'Arthur' Lowe gettin amongst one of Eric's hush hush bombies in Lanza by Alex Laurel