In this issue...

  • Europe's Best Surfer? The Jonathan Gonzales interview
  • The Outing of Shipstern's Bluff. Photos by Ted Grambeau.
  • Biggest Canaries ever ridden. Unknown Tenerife locals raise the bar.
  • Rizal, Kalani and D Hump score Hong Kong for Sipping Jetstreams.
  • The Universal Brotherhood of Man. SE in the Mentawai Islands with some of Europe's finest.

PLUS! How to surf The Peak, Bundoran with Richie Fitz, Dancing on the ceiling with Gony, How to throw your own WCT party, Tete-a-Tete: Roland from Rock Food vs. Dave from Dick's, Talent Von Rupp & Billard, plus all the latest news, gear and WIN a brand new surfboard!