On the Cover: Miky Picon sunset boost in Tenerife. Photo byAlex Laurel.

In this issue…

  • At Home Everywhere. The Gony Zubizarreta Interview.
  • Mundaka’s Back! Magic Basque Country rivermouth fires back to life.
  • European Vacation. Miky Sancho and Jonathan ring the New Year in in Tenerife.
  • Hot Tub. Fletcher, Kerr & O’Brien mash up the Malay wavepool

PLUS! Eurojems: El Quemao, Air Flair with Dane Reynolds, Talent: France’s Hugues Oyarzabal & Cornwall’s Josh Ward Fredo Robin’s mixtape, The Best with Eneko Acero, plus News, Gear, Booty and a free surfboard to be won!