You get interviews and you get interviews.

Some are better than others. Like breaking wind,

you have a feeling about how good it’s going to

be just before, but you never really know until

it comes out. Good ones and less good ones.

Question, answer, another question, another

answer. And so on. How did you get into surfing?

What’s an average day like? Do you like it, whilst in

a passionate embrace, when your opposite number

tries to put a thumb up your bottom? So so many

questions for our surfers. So much we want to


But paid surfers, bless ‘em, are not career selected

on the basis of being eloquent. That happens to

be a mere bonus, rather than a prerequisite. They

are chosen on the basis of how terrific they make

a surfboard twist and turn and fly and cut and

bank and all done with the aplomb of the ocean

gymnast. For this, our Interview Issue, we decided

first off to try to get some of them to dress up and

pose as popsters. Some did it with delight, others

with reluctance, others didn’t. But still! We asked

them questions, they answered. Some of the topics

covered were: Leo Fioravanti - about the C word

and other Australian vernacular. Adrien Toyon - on

casinos and cycling. Jonathan Gonzalez - on not

saying much. Indar Unanue - on not saying much

either. Hugh Galloway - on rushing under the radar.

Matt Smith - on being an eco warrior. Romain

Lauhle - on coming back. Chippa Wilson - on

canine territory marking. Alex Zirke - on liquorholding

trends among the Northern European

tribes. Ben Sanchis - on bed times and one way

tickets. Meanwhile, Tim Boal went to California

whilst Chas Smith tried to help you decide your

lefts from your rights. And as if that wasn’t enough

Rod Cunthorpe also shone his own shade of

gingery light on some favourite faux pas, from odd

numbers to yellow boards to chicken pizza (just

plain wrong).

Wherever you are this month, no matter what you

do, just try to bear in mind, putting make up on

and oiling up your bum cheeks will only make you

seem temporarily more interesting... but should

buy you enough time to figure out your next move.

Make it a good un!

Thanks for understanding.