If you're thinking of going on holibobs this autumn, and Bahrain is fully booked, why not try the UAE?

Reubyn Ash liberates the derives in a wave pool in the UAE desert on a recent Monster trip. For more on what skullduggery Bude's third finest ever goofyfoot (after Jossy and Mike Raven) has been up to this summer, check out the all-new and totally out now Surf Europe 93 Indo Special, featuring Reub's take on what make an Indo trip tick. It's still costs less than 4 scratch cards!

Now be honest, did Reubs get more barreled than you did in Cornwall this summer/ever, in a swimming pool...?

Reubs made this wave halal by slitting its throat then letting the blood drop out nice n slow...

The boy does love a fin chuck!

Photos by Jason Feast